DCO furnishes professional, on-site management services with highly qualified operators/technicians that provide 24-7 operating, maintenance, and management services. 

DCO Energy (DCO) has provided Operations & Maintenance services to the Energy Industry for over 15 years.  DCO utilizes local labor forces to staff the facility for the entire period with oversight management and administrative support provided from its home or satellite offices to operate and maintain the facility in a reliable, cost effective, environmentally compliant, and safe manner.  DCO will provide qualified operator and maintenance personnel that will provide a seamless transition between DCO Energy and the Owner (and DCO personnel, as the O&M Vendor).  DCO recruiting practices assess the candidate’s abilities and experience to ensure the facility is staffed with qualified, experienced, and motivated employees.

DCO Energy Operations’ purpose is to provide “world class” operations and maintenance facilities management services committed to ensuring the facility will be operated and maintained to the highest quality standards.

Operational excellence is achieved at DCO facilities by instituting high standards, clearly communicating expectations, implementing effective training and qualification programs, monitoring and assessing performance, holding personnel accountable, maintaining an alert and questioning attitude, effective implementation and control of operational activities, and cultivating an environment of “best in class.”   DCO operations and maintenance activities (PM, CM, recordkeeping, purchasing, etc.) are performed in a manner consistent with DCO’s overall Quality Assurance (QA) Program.

DCO operations program consists of the following:

  • Provide prompt professional and courteous service.
  • Comply with all local, state and federal codes applicability to facility operations.
  • Perform regular tours of the facility to verify proper operations of all systems and components.
  • Start/stop equipment as required.
  • Monitor operating equipment to ensure safe and reliable delivery of electric and steam.
  • Maintain operating procedures, alarm response cards and operating logs.
  • Coordinate with customer personnel on specific operating and maintenance requirements.
  • Perform routine operator maintenance activities.
  • Perform all manufacturer’s recommended maintenance.
  • Perform annual inspection and calibration on all metering devices.
  • Analyze equipment and system performance to develop and propose cost saving measures.
  • Perform and maintaining proper water chemistry.
  • Provide Monthly Management Reports that outline facility performance, availability, plant efficiencies, maintenance performed, and consumables used.
  • Perform yearly environmental compliance testing as required.
  • Remote Monitoring.  DCO monitors specific plant equipment performance, overall plant heat rate, equipment efficiency, and record plant operating data used for billing, environmental compliance, and daily/monthly/annual reports.