New Guantanamo Bay Plant

New Energy Efficient Power Plant at Guantanamo Bay

DCO Energy is an industry energy leader with expertise in microgrid development, design, construction, operations and maintenance.On behalf the U.S. Navy; and Siemens, who values security and energy resilience, DCO Energy operates and maintains the new energy efficient power plant at the complex atthe Navy Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. DCO Energy strives to promote a sustainable future and by working alongside the U.S. Navy and Siemens, it forges the perfect partnership for a sustainable future.

The project is expected to lower annual fuel consumption by an impressive 27.4 percent, which is a significant step towards achieving a lower carbon foot print. Additionally, it will cut yearly CO2 emissions by over 20,000 tons, which is a remarkable feat. As the long-term operator and maintenance contractor for this innovative and state-of-the-art microgrid for the Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, DCO brings its wealth of experience to support Siemens. 












new power plant complex was inaugurated at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in Cuba as part of an Energy Savings Performance Contract that aligns with the U.S. Navy’s focus on resiliency, reliability and efficiency regarding energy security.


The $368.8 million Liquefied Natural Gas power plant supports the entire installation by using LNG for dual-fuel combined cycle facility operation and is expected to lower annual fuel consumption by about 27.4 percent and cut yearly CO2 emissions by over 20,000 tons, the Navy said Monday.

“The design of this specific power plant is tailored to provide an efficient and reliable power supply with a reduced carbon footprint to support both mission-critical operations and everyday activities,” remarked Capt. Miguel Dieguez, commanding officer of Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Southeast.

Dieguez also underscored the Navy’s partnership with Siemens Government Technologies on the project during a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by other service representatives and John Ustica, president and CEO of SGT and a 2023 Wash100 Award recipient.

In July 2019, SGT was awarded an $828.8 million task order to build, operate and maintain energy conservation systems at NS Guantanamo Bay. Its work includes modernizing the station’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, energy storage, renewable energy photovoltaic, water management and control systems.