Dover Cogen

Dover Energy Center

Dover, Delaware
Own, Operate, Maintain District Energy System
111 MW Electricity

DCO Energy formed a partnership with Basalt Infrastructure Partners, DB Energy Assets, LLC, to acquire the natural gas fired Energy Center from Clearway Energy Group. The 111 MW merchant cogeneration facility sells electricity into the Delmarva Power & Light Zone of PJM and delivers steam to two adjacent manufacturing facilities (Kraft Heinz and Procter & Gamble).

Dover consists of two units:

  • Unit CC1: A 54 MW (+9MW of duct firing) natural gas-fired combined-cycle unit utilizing a GE LM6000PC SPRINT combustion turbine, a GE Lynn steam turbine, and an EIT Heat Recovery Steam Generator 4,300 Tons of Cooling
  • Unit KD2: A 48 MW dual natural gas- and oil-fired simple-cycle combustion turbine utilizing GE LM600PC SPRINT technology 100,000 lbs/hr Steam; 29 MMBTU/hr Heat Recovery – Steam

DCO operates and maintains the Dover cogeneration plant.