Marina Thermal Facility – Combined, Heating, Cooling and Power Project

Atlantic City, NJ
EPC Contractor/ Operator
7.7 MW Electricity, 38.3 MMBTU/hr. Hot Water, 1,820 Tons Chilled Water

The Marina Thermal Facility has been successfully operating since 2003 and expanded the facility to support the growth of the Borgata Casino complex and surrounding area. Marina Energy, as owner, and DCO Energy, as the Developer and Operator, developed and financed the expansion of the off-site Central Utility Plant. This energy project emphasizes the long-term vision and capabilities of the centralized heating and cooling systems that have been instituted for the Renaissance Pointe area of Atlantic City.

The Marina Thermal Facility added 5,200 tons of chilling capacity along with the associated required system equipment to support the additional capacity such as cooling towers, pumps and system controls.

As part of the expansion, the distribution network was extended to serve the new construction at the Borgata site; this included over 8,400 linear feet of chilled water and hot water supply and return piping as well as electrical duct bank extension to serve the new areas.

The project also includes the addition of new energy transfer stations for hot and cold water and metering stations to monitor the delivery of the energy products.

The plant is designed to have the ultimate capacity of 25,000 tons of cooling, 350,000 MMBtu of high temperature hot water production, and 8 MW of emergency power generation.