Hartford Steam System/Company

Hartford Steam System/Company

Hartford, CT
Own, Operate, Maintain
11 MW Electric Generation, 525,000 lbs/hr. – Steam, 140,000 lbs/hr. Steam (Heat Recovery), 25,900 Tons of Chilled Water

The Energy Network, LLC, holding company for Hartford Steam Company, is jointly owned by Basalt Infrastructure Partners (Basalt) and DCO Energy, LLC (DCO). Hartford Steam Company is primarily engaged in the district energy business which provides heating and cooling services to customers located in Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford Steam's district energy system has two divisions - the Downtown System and the South End System.  The system is operated and maintained by DCO Operations Hartford, LLC.


The South End System began operation in 1999 and currently serves eight properties. This cogeneration facility provides the largest property on the system, Hartford Hospital, with all of their heating and cooling needs and approximately 45,000 MWH of electricity. The South End System can supply up to 105,000 lb/hr. of steam, 7.5 MW of electricity and 1,500 tons of chilled water.


The Downtown System has been in continuous operation since 1962 and serves 46 buildings representing 37 customers. Steam and chilled water is delivered via underground piping to buildings located primarily in the central business district of Hartford, Connecticut.

The main plant at 60 Columbus Boulevard and two additional chillers, in a space leased at 960 Main Street, provide up to 30,000 tons per hour of chilled water and 465,000 lb/hr of steam.