MSU Microgrid Generation Center

Montclair State University Microgrid / Expansion Project

Montclair, New Jersey
Design, Build, Own, Operate and Maintain
5.2 MW with Hot Water Heat Recovery

The Central Energy Center (CEC) and Energy Distribution System (EDS) together form the existing UMM System.The existing facility is located on the Buyer’s Campus on 100 Yogi Berra Drive, south of the Car Parc Diem parking garage, in Little Falls, New Jersey.

The existing system was expanded to include the addition Microgrid Generation Center with heat recovery capabilities, a Load Management System (LMS) and expansion of the EDS to serve the Student Recreation Center.

The existing system (CEC and EDS) and the Microgrid Generation Center are jointly owned by Basalt Infrastructure Partners (Basalt) and DCO Energy, LLC (DCO).

The Microgrid Generating Center includes two (2) natural gas fired reciprocating engine generators and associated balance of Microgrid Generation Center equipment to provide additional electrical generating capacity during peak demand periods.These engines are located in the new Microgrid Generation Center adjacent to the existing CEC. Control of the microgrid facility is done from the existing control room in the CEC.

A new campus automatic load shed scheme is designed and implemented to allow on-site generation the ability to power the campus to the maximum generating capacity limit without overloading the generators during a utility outage.

The EDS system was expanded to serve the Buyer’s Student Recreation Center with chilled water supply and return steam and condensate return.This work includes extending the underground distribution piping from an existing EDS piping located near the Buyer’s Blanton Hall to the primary side mechanical tie-ins associated with each system within the Buyer’s Student Recreation Center mechanical room.

Design and construction activities shall be coordinated to maintain steam, chilled water, and electrical services to the campus buildings throughout the construction period. Project completion was achieved in September 2018.