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Bayonne Energy Center II

Bayonne, New Jersey
EPC Contractor
128 MW Electricity

BEC II features a gas fired/oil fired simple cycle arrangement that includes two (2) Siemens Rolls Royce Trent 60 combustion turbine generators capable of burning natural gas and ultra-low sulfur No. 2 fuel oil. Each combustion turbine generator, supplied by the Owner, is supplied with a metal acoustical enclosure suitable for outdoor installation and emissions control equipment to meet stack emissions limits.

Natural gas fuel is brought to the site of the expansion project by pipeline in a separate contract with Spectra. Fuel oil is supplied via pipeline to the site of the expansion project from the existing BEC I site.  In addition to fuel, demineralized water for combustion turbine water injection and combustion turbine washing is supplied from the existing demineralizer system units and stored in a new 375,000 gallon demineralized water storage tank located in the BEC II area.

The two combustion turbine generators generate electricity at 13.8 kV. The voltage is stepped up to 345 kV through a transformer located adjacent to the turbines.  The project ties into the existing electrical service to the Gowanus substation through air terminal disconnect switches adjacent to the existing plant’s high voltage substation’s line out. The plant is designed to be dispatched in response to the energy demands of the NYISO.  This plant is an expansion of the existing eight (8) Rolls Royce Trent 60’s dual fuel gas turbines that operate in a simple cycle plant configuration with the ability to run with any number of turbines in operation.