Wilmington District Energy

Wilmington District Energy System

Wilimington, Delaware
Own, Operate, Maintain District Energy System
6,000 Tons Chilled Water, 50.4 MMMBTU/hr of hot water

This project was developed by Conectiv Thermal Systems (CTS).  Select DCO Energy, LLC personnel as employees of Conectiv Thermal Systems were involved in the initial design and construction of the project until they left CTS.

DCO Energy, LLC established WDK Energy Partners, LLC to acquire the assets of the Wilmington system from Constellation Energy.  DCO Energy and Basalt Infrastructure Partners, DB Energy Assets, LLC, now own the system.  Wilmington is a district energy system which provides hot water and chilled water to numerous customers in downtown Wilmington.

The facility provides heating and cooling services to the New Castle County Courthouse and a five-story corporate office building in downtown Wilmington.  It can easily accommodate the anticipated addition of several new office buildings in the vicinity of the Courthouse, and buildings with existing systems that have reached the end of their useful life in the City.

The project serves a corporate office building and the Courthouse.  Plant capacity is 6,000 tons of chilled water and 50.4 million BTU per hour of hot water.  Approximately 2,500 feet of chilled and hot water piping has been installed under the streets of Wilmington. The project construction was completed in May 2001.