Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Facility

Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Facility: Digester Gas Utilization Project

Los Angeles, CA
EPC Contractor / CM
32 MW Digester Gas Fired CHP

The Exelon Generation Company retained DCO California Energy (DCAL) to provide Engineering and Construction Management, Start-up and Commissioning Service (EPC CM) for a 32 MW Digester Gas Fired Combined Heat & Power Plant.

The Hyperion Plant is one of the largest wastewater treatment facilities in the world.  The sewage treatment process at Hyperion generates a renewable fuel known as digester gas.  The new power plant will use the digester gas produced at Hyperion as its primary fuel source.  The power plant will produce steam and electricity that will be used to operate Hyperion’s treatment operations.

The state of the art facility will reduce emissions at the Hyperion plant and provide an energy source that is reliable, efficient, and sustainable.